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Imagine you are going on vacation and you come into a new unknown town. Just arrived and ready to experience some adventures, it’s not that easy to find where the best things happen in town. To find out where cool events happen you have to search in different web portals or even find events on the organiser websites. Pretty hard when u don’t know any locations in town…

Wouldn’t it be super comfy to have only one site where all these informations are collected and you can easily decide where you want to go and experience a new event in town? One application for all cities and regions all over the world. Curated and designed for an easy use and even with a shop system included, to instantly buy a ticket. No hard and complex research anymore!

So now as you get the concept of my application. A native app for IOS and Android, in which its possible to see on a map which events take place around your location. In fact there is no application like this existing right now. An app where all events have been collected plus curated alternative events.

This application has been designed in Adobe XD and got developed with the framework flutter for frontend and with spring boot for the backend and database.

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